Most of my past research and current research interests revolve around the metaphysics and epistemology of René Descartes and other Cartesians, especially Antoine Arnauld and Nicolas Malebranche.


Arnauld, Power, and the Fallibility of Infallible Determination” History of Philosophy Quarterly (33:3) 2016, pp. 237-256 (with, Julie Walsh)

“Essence and Possibility in the Leibniz-Arnauld Correspondence” Pacific Philosophical Quarterly (97:1) 2016, pp. 2-26.

“Malebranche on the Metaphysics and Epistemology of Particular Volitions” Journal of the History of Philosophy (54:2) 2016, pp. 227-256 (with, Julie Walsh)

“Antoine Arnauld” Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2013)

“Malebranche and the General Will of God” British Journal for the History of Philosophy (19:6) 2011, pp. 1107-1129


Antoine Arnauld

Antoine Arnauld

Book Reviews:

Review of, Noa Naaman-Zauderer, Descartes’ Deontological Turn: Reason, Will, and Virtue in the Later Writings, Journal of the History of Philosophy 49 (2011)

Review of Walter Ott, Causation and Laws of Nature in Early Modern Philosophy, Journal of the History of Philosophy 48 (2010)

Nicolas Malebranche

Nicolas Malebranche

Selected Presentations:

“The Protestant and the Pelagian: Arnauld and Malebranche on Grace” (with Julie Walsh)

New York City Workshop in Early Modern Philosophy March 2015 Fordham University

Keynote Speaker “Descartes’ Infinite God”

Eastern Michigan University’s Undergraduate Conference in Philosophy, Eastern Michigan University, March 2014

“Descartes on the Mind-Body Union and the Nature of the Passions”

Intermountain West Philosophy Conference, Utah Valley University, November 2013

Indiana Philosophical Association, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, October 2013

“Possibility and Essence in the Leibniz-Arnauld Correspondence”

University of Utah, March 2013

“Arnauld and the Doctrine of the Creation of the Eternal Truths: (1641-1648)”

Atlantic Canada Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy, Dalhousie University, July 2011

South Central Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy, Texas A&M, November 2010

“Descartes’ Argument for the Creation Doctrine”

Joint Meeting of the Illinois and the Indiana Philosophical Associations, Eastern Illinois University, November 2011

“Descartes and the Mind-Body Union”

Beloit College, September 2010

“Arnauld’s Occasionalism”

APA Central Division, February 2010

Illinois Philosophical Association, University of Illinois, October 2009

“Arnauld’s Actualism”

Atlantic Canada Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy, Dalhousie University, August 2009

Midwest Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy, University of Chicago, May 2009

“Descartes’ Incompatibility Statement”

Iowa Philosophical Society Meeting, Coe College, October 2007






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