Here are some links that may be of interest:


UVU Undergraduate Philosophy Club

UVU Philosophy Department

American Philosophical Association

Early Modern Philosophy Calendar


One Hour for Life

A non-profit organization committed to “provid[ing] health education and support to create sustainable healthcare worldwide. Our programs are customized to fit local needs and account for socio-economic and cultural awareness. Interventions provide evidence-based training, resources, education and/or continuing support for those in need. At One Hour for Life, we believe that knowledge, demonstrated understanding, and action based on knowledge are the fundamentals of a healthier life.”

Nuzzles and Company

Their “mission is to protect animals. To provide a loving, nurturing place where they can get healthy and learn positive behaviors. And then to find loving homes for each one of them. We also work to educate people on the humane treatment of animals.What we’ve learned is that, in helping these animals, we are the ones who benefit. As our animals get a second chance at life and find loving homes, they give back that love one-hundred fold. When we put love first, we come together as a community and grow stronger as a society.”

Philadelphia Flyers

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